Each registered customer who made a purchase in our store can add reviews or opinions about the purchased product.

As a thank you for this nice gesture, we have prepared a discount. The discount coupon is valid for one year for any order.
15% - For a review with photos
5% - For reviews without photos


1. Log in to your account in our store. Without an account in the store, adding reviews is not possible.

2. Select the product you want to evaluate. At the bottom of the product page, under the description, there is an opinion block.
Click Write a review.


3. Write a review, add a title and photos. Remember that a review without photos will only give you a 5% discount. You can add multiple photos. Show off your sketchbook arts. We love to see it.

4. Click the Send button.

5. Wait for a while until the photos are uploaded to the system and this message will pop up:

You don't need to write down the code. It will be automatically saved in your account. However, it will not be active until the moderator approves your review. Activation usually takes up to 2 days.

6. After the moderator approves the review, the code will be available in your cart. You can use it whenever you want - the coupon is valid for one year. When you want to use it, just click on it.

The code will be included in the order summary.

If the code does not work or has not been activated, please contact us. We'll fix it.

Coupons do not add up. You can only use one coupon at a time.

Thank you