Secure payment

We offer 3 ways to payment from worldwide:

-PayPal - you have to login to your PayPal account

-MasterCard or other paycard- to make payment from your card, you can use PayPal module. It working even if you don't have PayPal account. Here are some screens:

When you accept, you will redirect to PayPal service, but you dont need account to pay. Just fill the form and accept:

-Bank wire transfer - you can make simpe bank transfer from you bank account. In this case, when you order, number of our bank account will be display.

Here are informations to make bank wire transfer:

Company name: KOVAL Tomasz Kowal

Bank name: Alior Bank

Bank numer with IBAN: PL52 2490 0005 0000 4530 6418 4919