Lena Rivo

I am a professional painter who teaches enthusiastic artists how to capture the beauty of the subjects that inspire them.
I help my students convey the illusion of light and atmosphere in their paintings and get the most from the colors on their palette.

The fundamental principles that I teach are universal and can be applied to any painting medium be it oil, acrylics, soft pastels, watercolor or gouache.

I live and work in sunny Portugal. I paint a variety of subjects, including landscapes, colorful still life scenes and figures. The bright Portuguese sun strongly influences my work therefore the scenes I paint are often drowned in light. I primarily paint with gouache, but also use oils and acrylics for larger works.

In my work, I always try to convey the feeling of the scene I am painting. Light and color inspire me the most. No matter what subject I’m working on, I strive to capture the unique mood of the scene, keeping the painting as simple as possible so that unnecessary details don’t distract the viewer from absorbing the feeling of the scene. 

Anything can become my subject because when designing my pictures I try to think abstractly and look for interesting contrasts and color combinations. Fortunately, here in Portugal, I am surrounded by splendid nature, picturesque villages and ports, so I never feel a lack of subjects to paint.

I love to work on location along the Portuguese coastline, painting the blue ocean waters and fishing ports. When I feel the urge to use more vibrant colors, I set up still life arrangements and paint in my cozy studio. When I’m not painting, I’m reading books, walking my dogs and visiting flea markets looking for objects for my still life paintings.