Koval Sketchbooks, What Makes It Different?

We were often asked what makes Koval Sketchbooks different from others. Let us get into more details on how each of the sketchbooks was made.

Most sketchbooks available today on the market are made on production lines for notebooks and calendars. Manufacturers would simply replace pre-printed pages with blank sheets but with the same covers, finish, even the thin elastic band to keep the book closed. That’s why a lot of sketchbooks look like planners.

At Koval’s, we created the product with the artist in mind. We envision what will go onto the pages and how the sketchbook would be filled with creative thoughts. Then we developed a process to achieve consistency starting with the paper. Only certified, high-quality paper from world-renowned brands like Arches, Fabriano and Saunders go into our sketchbooks.

Pocket Sketchbook Cotton Paper
Pocket Sketchbook with the highest quality cotton paper.

Soft Touch cover Koval
SoftTouch premium certified cover in PRO series.

GOLD Sketchbook Cotton
Gold and Silver edition of ART series sketchbooks. Certified veneers and cotton paper by Fabriano or Arches.

Our specialized sketchbooks containing 300 gsm cotton paper would be difficult for automated production lines. However, Koval developed a special method of sewing, gluing and binding thicker 100% cotton papers. We use 2.5 mm, bookbinding boards for our covers with high-quality, non-phthalate Balacron™ vinyl. The PRO series has a beautiful Soft-Touch texture that is satisfying to glide on your fingertips yet stable and durable for a worry-free drawing experience.

Another unique feature is the wide, cloth Rubber Band that comes with every sketchbook. It can be used to clasp the book tight, strap drawing supplies together and hold the paper while drawing. The band is detachable from the sketchbook and oftentimes, our customers constantly find new applications for it.

We produce in small batches only, so we can easily customize Koval products and offer various models and sizes. We constantly change the look of our sketchbooks and design covers using different and trendy colours.

Every component of the sketchbook was made by hand. The process is labour-intensive but it is gratifying to receive comments saying, “I can’t believe you did this by hand!”

Koval sketchbooks are made following the principles of Fair Trade and ethical production with the workshop located in Poland. Registered to comply with stringent standards set by the European Union.

Detailed information of materials used on each product is available on the front cover flap and also on the Kovalsketchbooks.com website.

We feel responsible for ensuring the hand of an artist has the freedom to express creativity on paper. Following the vision of creating a sketchbook as close to perfection as possible, Koval Sketchbooks was created by heart. Make your next sketchbook a Koval.

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My sketchbook is already KOVAL. Simply the best.
Meginart 2021-11-25
I used many sketchbooks, cheaper and more expensive. And I can confidently say, that only real cotton paper is suitable for watercolours. Period. No other. The watercolour just dances on it.
André D Wijers 2021-11-25
Thank you guys. Great job. It is amazing how you make yours products. So much energy and heart. I love it. Keep going.
Watercolor Witch 2021-12-26
I still can't belive that it is made by hand. I love painting in my Koval sketchbook.
rosa_bojko 2022-04-05

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