Since we’re getting many questions about our products, we’ve decided to dedicate a whole article to dispel any doubts you might have. Let’s get started.

A peculiar approach to the matter

A thing that you may not know, is the fact that the majority of sketchbooks are produced on a mass scale. The process is similar to the production of books, notepads or even calendars. That’s why some sketchbooks look almost identical to notebooks. The only difference is the paper - it’s blank and therefore “recommended” for painting and sketching. 

We took a different approach to this matter. We imagined the best sketchbook, and we made it happen. Although our sketchbooks look like books or notepads, the methods we used to create them are incomparably better. They differ greatly in quality and practicality. 

Pocket Sketchbook Cotton Paper
Pocket Sketchbook with the highest quality cotton paper.

Transparency and verified quality

Let’s talk about other parts of the sketchbooks. Our products are framed in well-known Balacron covers. The SoftTouch line is our favorite because it makes the sketchbooks more handy and practical. 

If you’d like to thoroughly analyze the rest, we’re happy to share the details. Here you can check every component that has been used during the production process. 

Ethics and Environmentalism

Being transparent is crucial in other aspects as well. Our company stands for ethical production and following rules of fair trade. Koval Sketchbooks is located in Poland, which binds us to follow strict EU laws. We meet all the necessary standards to make the most qualitative products.  We always enjoy sharing our working process on social media, so follow us on Instagram to take a peek at our workshop! 

Soft Touch cover Koval
SoftTouch premium certified cover in PRO series.

The premium paper for premium products 

We made sure the paper used in our sketchbooks is absolutely the best. Well-established manufacturers such as Fabriano, Arches and Saunders have been recognized for their high-quality as well as following ethical and ecological standards.

We’re the only company that uses paper from those manufacturers to make hardcover sketchbooks.

GOLD Sketchbook Cotton
Gold and Silver edition of ART series sketchbooks. Certified veneers and cotton paper by Fabriano or Arches.

What’s worth mentioning is that we always make sure our components come from verified sources. We absolutely do not use paper of unknown origin, and we pay great attention to the composition of products, compliance with ecological standards, ethical working environment and fair trade. 

Handmade - not homemade

As some of you may already know, we make sketchbooks framed in hard covers. The papers that we have just mentioned above cannot be bound in hard covers on a traditional production line. Since our method of choice is handmade, we don’t have that problem. Our specialty is 300gsm paper, and we make sure that it’s bound neatly.

Don’t be fooled by the word “handmade”. Every day, we set a standard for handmade production. Our biggest goal is to maintain the highest repeatability. It’s fair to say we’re doing a good job because many of our clients say “I can’t believe it’s a handmade product!”

The rubber band

A trivial detail? Well, far from it! The rubber band adds a trendy touch to our products while also being incredibly practical. A sturdy and strong rubber band is made for keeping your tools safe. If there’s a time when you don’t need it, just take it off - it’s not permanently attached to our sketchbooks. Maybe you’ll find your own purpose for the rubber band? Our clients keep coming up with great ideas on how to use it!

A bit of madness

If you’re a fan of unusual designs and crazy colors, you have come to the right place! We love to experiment with various designs and projects. Stay tuned for our limited editions!

We put our whole heart into this

Sounds cheesy? It might, but it’s simply the truth. Our sketchbooks come from passion, and we make sure to put our whole heart into creating them. We started making them because we felt the responsibility and need to create a product which is close to perfection. When we look for solutions, we always find them in our hearts, not in the business plan. 


A few words from the founder

It’s hard describe my feelings with words but let me put it like that: 

When I think about a sketchbook, in my mind, I see a sensitive human being that feels the need to express themselves. I try to feel the aura that fills the space around them. To me, the art captured on paper is deeper than words or photos. It’s a serious, almost a holy-like process. Therefore, I feel a huge responsibility while creating these sketchbooks. I’m very grateful and honored that our products become a part of your legacy. 

If there’s anything you’d like to ask us about, contact us. We’re always happy to help and provide you with answers to your questions.