In Koval PRO series sketchbooks we use two types of paper: 100% cotton and 50% cotton.

-100% cotton is one of best world premium watercolour paper Fabriano Artistico. Both sides, certified, made by traditional drum method.
-50% cotton is mix cotton and cellulose pulp. It is also verry good watercolour Fabriano paper called Fabriano 5, both sides, certified and verry multiple techniques ready. 

Both of them comes in two surfaces options:
-Cold Pressed - grained surface
-Hot Pressed also called Smooth - smooth surface

It's gave us 4 options: 100% CP, 100% Smooth, 50% CP, 50% Smooth.
(Each one comes also in two different weighs - 200 and 300 gsm.)

Most artists choose usually Cold Pressed, becouse grainded surface make watercolours more sharpess and dynamic. But some artists prefer soft painting and light mood, which give Hot Pressed paper. Also when you use much liners, Cold Pressed paper may be little less friendly than Smooth. But other hand, Cold Pressed paper make lines more dynamic.

Many artists use verry individual and mixed techniques, that it's hard to advice right sketchbook. So we prepare samples of our papers with differents techniques usages. We was try make some washes, colours mixes, and some lines. Take a look and find out which paper give efects you would to make most. 


Materials below is only demonstrative character.
Images are only samples. Effects and type of mixing colours depends mainly of artist's skill and experience. Also, no scan cannot show precisely deep of color and bright that we see on real. In fact in real everything looks better than a scan. Quality of this images also depend of device you use to display this.



Koval PRO series 100%cotton CP

Koval PRO series 100%cotton SMOOTH

Koval PRO series 50%cotton CP

Koval PRO series 50%cotton SMOOTH


closer look cotton paper


cotton sketchbooks paper


100 cotton cold press

100 cotton smooth

50 cotton cold pressed

50 cotton smooth

You can also order samples.