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PRO 14x20cm/5.5x7.8in Fabriano 300gsm CP 100%COTTON ex

PRO Sketchbook. Unique CUT CORNERS shape. Fabriano artistico 300gsm extra white paper.

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Paper brand: Fabriano Artistico, 100% COTTON, acid free, archival quality, certified, traditional mould made and VEGAN FRIENDLY (no gelatine)
 14x20cm 5.5x7.8in
Pages: 52
Cover: hardbound
Paper weight: 300g/m2
Paper color: EXTRA WHITE
Paper surface:  cold press (CP)
Corners: cut
Watermarks: Original Fabriano watermarks on random pages in random sketchbooks.


Cut Corners

This is definitely our style – cut corners add more effective appearance to our sketchbooks and unique style that will not blend in a crowd of identical shapes. This is a breath of freshness and modern design. For original creators of unusual ideas.


This excellent cotton paper made by traditional cylinder mould process, sized in both mass and on the surface, is suitable for almost any technique. Our tests and, above all, the experience of our customers prove that this paper works well in every form of creative activity, from pencil and pen to watercolour paints, gouaches and acrylics.

Extremely High Weight

300 gsm is absolutely uncompromising thickness of paper, thanks to which your sketchbook is resistant to any, even the most extreme technique. Cotton paper of this weight is characterized by the highest stiffness, opacity and waterproofness, which you will not find in standard sketchbooks. This is a position for advanced professionals.

From Cover To Cover

We have deliberately resigned from the title page (first and final), which means that you can only create from page 4. Instead, we have placed a normal page. Thanks to this design you can use paper from cover to cover and not waste a single page and the number of usable pages is 60 instead of the standard 56.


Only manual manufacturing enables to combine good design with the best quality materials. That’s why we make PRO sketchbooks by hand. Developed original sewing method allows us to maintain the advantages of manual manufacture and at the same time produce sketchbooks in larger series while maintaining the desired parameters.

Suitable for vegan and eco-conscious individuals

Both the paper and other components of this sketchbook do not contain substances of zoonotic origin. Moreover, cotton paper is ideal for people who care about the environment also because the production process does not use aggressive and harmful chemicals for bleaching as in the case of pulp papers.

Paper of the world renowned Fabriano brand guarantees the highest quality and compliance with all current ecological standards.

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