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  • Massimiliano Iocco Landscpae
  • Arches paper inside Massimiliano Iocco sketchbook

Massimiliano Iocco 29x25cm [11.4x9.8in] Signature Sketchbook 100% Cotton Arches Watercolor


This is the largest sketchbook under the sun. The finest Arches Aquarelle 300 gsm cotton paper in a hard, stylish cover. Signed by the eminent watercolorist Massimiliano Iocco. A professional sketchbook for artists and enthusiasts of the highest quality.

Size: 29x17cm / 11.4x6.9in Landscape+
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Art Without Limits

In line with Massimiliano Iocco's artistic maxim, art should be free, flowing from the heart, much like watercolor that cannot be overly controlled. We must allow it to develop spontaneously and play with it. To provide art with the utmost space, we have collaborated with Massimiliano to create the finest sketchbook for this purpose.

Massimiliano Iocco Koval Sketchbook

Massimiliano Iocco recomended sketchbook Arches

The Ultimate in Sketchbooks

Because it's the largest, with the finest paper and binding. The Sketchilla Plus size 29x25cm [11.4x9.8 in] is the largest hardcover book-format sketchbook. It opens flat, offering a 58x25cm [22.8x9.8 in] surface after unfolding, providing an unrestricted creative space. Recognized for its exceptional quality, the traditional mould-made cotton paper, with a weight of 300gsm CP, accommodates even the most demanding techniques. The deckle edges add charm to your sketches and the sketchbook as a whole. This exquisite paper, challenging to bind, requires our special hand-sewing and gluing method to achieve the best results while maintaining the highest repeatability.

Arches Cotton Sketchbook

Deckle Edges Koval Sketchbook

For the Pros

The Massimiliano Iocco Pro Signature Sketchbook is a product for professionals and those who appreciate the quality of the best paper. But that’s not all; to meet high standards, we introduce improvements that no factory in the world would. We use mega-strong, waterproof fishing threads for sewing, which means they never get soggy and don’t absorb colors. The cover is made from 2.0mm cardboard (0.5mm less than our standard PRO sketchbooks but much more than in factory-made sketchbooks, where the cover cardboard is usually 0.5 or 1mm) – providing sufficient rigidity while allowing the sketchbook to be easily placed in Stablo-type holders.

Signature Edition Sketchbook Massimiliano Iocco

Quality and Ethics

All components used in production are of the highest quality and sourced from reliable suppliers who adhere to stringent ecological standards. Our product upholds human rights, being 100% handmade in the Koval Sketchbooks workshop with respect for both the artisans and the environment. By purchasing this sketchbook, you are not supporting totalitarianism, communism, or war efforts. We believe that art, as an expression emanating from the soul, should be devoid of moral imperfections.


Sizes - 29x25cm / 11.4x9.8in and 29x17cm / 11.4x6.9in
Pages  -  36
Binding  -  Handbound
Stitches -  Water Resistant, Not Absorbing
Cover  -  Hard Cover: Vinyl
Enviro  -  Eco Friendly, Ethical Product (Q3)
Watermarks  -  Yes, original Arches Aquarello (on random pages, on corner)
Origin  -  Poland, EU
Project  -  Tom Koval, Massimiliano Iocco

Paper in This Sketchbook:

Brand  -  Arches Aquarelle (Watercolour)™ by Arches France
Quality  -  Best, 100% Cotton, Certified, Artist & Archival Grade, Gelatin Sized
Method  -  Traditional Mould Made
Surface Cold Pressed
Weight  -  300 GSM
Shade -  Natural White
Enviro  -  Eco Friendly


-International Post
-DHL & GLS Carrier Available (depends of destination country)
-Eco and Safe Packaging
-Paper Samples Included
-NO Customs Duties

Massimiliano Iocco

IG massimiliano_iocco  FB Massimiliano Iocco

massimiliano iocco    massimiliano iocco watercolorist

Massimiliano Iocco is a contemporary Italian watercolor artist, renowned for his exceptional technique and ability to capture the subtleties of light and color in his work. His paintings often feature landscapes, urban scenes, and portraits, characterized by rich color palettes and a unique blend of realism and impressionism. His work is admired for its emotional depth and the way it conveys the atmosphere of the scenes he depicts.

Massimiliano Iocco, born in Rome in 1972, is an Italian watercolor artist who has been significantly involved in the art community. He is an ordinary member of the Cultural Association FABRIANO in ARTE and, since 2016, serves as the president of the Cultural Association AQUARELLE ART STUDIO based in Rome.

Iocco has participated in numerous exhibitions, both nationally and internationally, showcasing his skills and passion for watercolor art. Some notable exhibitions include the Silk Road – International Watercolor Festival in China (2018), Akvarellsommar – International Watercolor Exhibition in Sweden (2018), Masters of Watercolor in Saint Petersburg, Russia (2018), and the Pearl of Peace – Watercolor Exhibition in Pakistan (2018).
You can find some references to his way of painting and some technical advice on how to improve your level in watercolor in specialized magazines in the sector such as "The art of Watercolor", "IWS Magazine" or "Masters of Watercolor".

His dedication to watercolor art extends beyond his own practice; he organizes watercolor courses in Rome and conducts workshops in Italy and abroad, aiming to share his love for art and the beauty of life with people of different nationalities and cultures.

massi iocco watercolor koval sketchbooks

massimiliano iocco watercolor koval sketchbooks

Massimiliano Iocco watercolor Koval Sketchbooks

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Data sheet

Available payments
Card, PayPal, Revolut, Gpay, ApplePay
Paper Brand
Arches Aquarrelle
Paper Weight
Paper Surface
CP (Cold Pressed)
Paper Composition
100% Cotton
Paper Production Method
Traditional Mould Made
Paper Shade
Natural White
Sketchbook Size
29x25cm / 11.4x9.8 (Sketchilla+)
Sketchbook Pages
Cover Type
Cover Material
Synthetic Bookbinding Material
Water Resistant Thread, Not Absorbing
Paper Brand Watermarks
Yes, Original Mill Watermark (on random pages, on side)
Cover Label Author
Massimiliano Iocco
Sketchbook Designer
Massimiliano Iocco
Tom Koval
Paper Origin Country
France EU

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