Sketchbook Pro Sketcher Blossom 25x17 [9.8x6.9in] B5 Landscape HP
  • Sketchbook Pro Sketcher Blossom 25x17 [9.8x6.9in] B5 Landscape HP
  • Sketchbook Pro Sketcher Blossom 25x17 [9.8x6.9in] B5 Landscape HP
  • Sketchbook Pro Sketcher Blossom 25x17 [9.8x6.9in] B5 Landscape HP
  • Sketchbook Pro Sketcher Blossom 25x17 [9.8x6.9in] B5 Landscape HP

Sketcher Fabriano5 300gsm B5 Sketchbook


If you give it a try, you'll never go back to ordinary sketchbooks. This sketchbook is a game-changer for your skills.  PRO Sketcher  25x17 [9.8x6.9in] LANDSCAPE with B5 FABRIANO 5, 300gsm, Hot Pressed, 50%COTTON certified paper.


For Urban Sketching an Journaling

It working excellent with fountain pens and liners, and doing great with watercolors in the same time. Many artists loves it as the best paper for urban sketching and any kind of art journaling such bujo, travel art, archi sketching, concept art etc.

Improved stitches

We used strong and water resistant threads thank to this stitches not soaking by watercolor or other pigments and stay clean. Our sketchbooks as only one of the world are handmade with this innovative stitches.


Real Quality

If your sketches and watercolors aren't looking as they should, it's because you're using the wrong paper. Big corporations will sell you the worst paper without remorse. That's why you're experiencing constant artistic frustration. Try real artist's paper, check out the unique and super-durable Pro Sketcher sketchbook.


Sizes -  25x17cm / 9.8x6.9in
Pages  -  44
Binding  -  Handbound
Stitches -  Water Resistant, Not Absorbing
Cover  -  Hard Cover 2,5mm, Extremely Strong Material
Enviro  -  Eco Friendly, Vegan Friendly, Ethical Product (Q4)
Band  -  Not Integrated 2cm RubberBand
Watermarks  -  Yes, Original Fabriano Watermark (on random pages, on side)
Origin  -  Poland, EU
Project  -  Tom Koval

Paper in This Sketchbook:

Brand  -  Fabriano, Fabriano 5™ , Italy, EU
Quality  -  Very High, 50% Cotton, Certified, Artist & Archival Grade
Method  -  Traditional Mould Made
Surface  -  Hot Pressed
Weight  -  300 GSM
Shade -  Extra White
Enviro  -  Eco Friendly, Vegan Friendly


-International Post (worldwide)
-DHL & GLS Carrier Available (depends of destination country)
-Eco and Safe Packaging
-Paper Samples Included
-NO Customs Duties

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Data sheet

Worldwide Shipping
Yes, No Customs Duties
Available payments
Card, PayPal, Revolut, Gpay, ApplePay
Paper Brand
Fabriano 5
Paper Weight
Paper Composition
50% Cotton 50% Cellulose
Paper Production Method
Traditional Mould Made
Paper Shade
Extra White
Sketchbook Size
25x17cm / 9.8x6.9in (B5) Landscape
Sketchbook Pages
Cover Type
Cover Material
Strong Woven Fabric
Water Resistant Thread, Not Absorbing

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Very special!

This was my first Koval’s sketchbook and at first I was afraid that I was not good enough to make art in it. But I was brave and gave it a try.
My art looks so much better on this paper, colors of my watercolor (DS) look very crisp and it is so easy to transport the pigments on the paper. I realy love the cover and binding of this book. It lays flat open nicely.
My next one will definitly be a Fabriano5 because it lifts my art to a higher level. Thanks Tom & crew for making this possible ❤️