Weight of cotton paper- 200 or 300 gsm? 

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The first time I purchased the 220gsm sketchbook from you and I saw how thin the paper was I did not think I would like it at all. By the last page it became my favorite! I'm finishing my second one and will be getting a third! It is light, for daily travel, it works just fine with washes and the pens work really well. The tooth and sizing are just right for quick urban sketches! The craftsmanship makes it a pleasure to pick up and use! Thanks for a great product!
Agnes Wnuk 2021-09-03
I got the same impression. I thought that it would be too thin, but it wasn't (I have Art series sketchbook with Fabriano Artistico 200gsm). This is very surprising strong paper. Even for multiple washes.
Mia B 2021-10-28
I love these sketchbooks. I working with 200gsm all the time. It is strong enough. Great job Koval.
David Fisher 2021-11-30

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