PRO B5 17x25cm/5.5x7.8in Arches A. 300g CP Nat.W

PRO Sketchbook with 100% COTTON Arches Aquarelle 300gsm paper. Made by Hands, Created by Heart.

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Paper brand: Arches Aquarelle, 100% COTTON, acid free, archival quality, trditional mould made, certified, gelatin sizing.
 17x25cm 6.9x9.8in
Pages: 44+Additional Sheet
Cover: Hardbound, SOFT TOUCH
Paper weight: 300g/m2
Paper color: NATURAL WHITE
Paper surface:  Cold Pressed (CP)
Corners: square
Watermarks: no


100% Cotton

It’s as good as it gets. PRO 100 sketchbook is the highest quality watercolor paper that will work well for any technique. Resistant to abrasion or repeated soaking. Manufactured fully from cotton, the traditional cylinder mould method. 

Extremely High Weight

300 gsm is absolutely uncompromising thickness of paper, thanks to which your sketchbook is resistant to any, even the most extreme technique. Cotton paper of this weight is characterized by the highest stiffness, opacity and waterproofness, which you will not find in standard sketchbooks. This is a position for advanced professionals.

Additional sample card

This is another small innovation that makes the sketchbook even more practical. It is amazing how useful it is. Many people use it to break the fear of a blank page or the fear of a new sketchbook. Some people make a color sampler on it or try out their artistic tools. You can also make a postcard or a picture and give it to someone or frame it, but you can do whatever you want with it. This is the same paper as the one used in the sketchbook.


This excellent cotton paper, bound in both mass and on the surface, is suitable for almost any technique. Our tests and, above all, the experience of our customers prove that this paper works well in every form of creative activity, from pencil and pen to watercolour paints, gouaches and acrylics.


Only manual manufacturing enables to combine good design with the best quality materials. That’s why we make PRO sketchbooks by hand. Developed original sewing method allows us to maintain the advantages of manual manufacture and at the same time produce sketchbooks in larger series while maintaining the desired parameters.

Fall In Love With Cotton Paper

The PRO 100 sketchbook is, of course, a real treat for artists and designers with high expectations. But not only that! Our sketchbooks are also loved by those who like to write, do Bullet journaling or take notes. Try it yourself and fall in love with cotton paper.


Sizes: 17x25cm 6.9x9.8in
Pages: 44+Additional Loose Sheet
Cover: Hardbound
Paper weight: 300g/m2
Paper color: NATURAL WHITE
Paper surface:  Cold Pressed (CP)
Paper brand: Arches Watercolour, 100% COTTON, acid free, archival quality
Corners: square
Watermarks: yes, oryginal paper watermarks on random pages (see photos)

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