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PRO B5 25x17cm LANDSCAPE Fabriano5 300g CP extra white

Professional handmade Sketchbook, B5 LANDSCAPE, hardbound, additional loose sheet with 50% cotton paper Fabriano 5, 300gsm

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Paper brand: Fabriano 5, 50% COTTON 50% ECF pulp, acid free, archival quality, CERTIFICATED, VEGAN friendly.
 25x17cm 9.8x6.9in
Pages: 44+Additional Sheet
Cover: Hardbound, SOFT TOUCH
Paper weight: 300g/m2
Paper color: EXTRA WHITE
Paper surface:  Cold Pressed (CP)
Corners: square
Watermarks: yes, original Fabriano watermark (on random pages, on the bottom).

Loves by artists

This great paper owes its quality to a mixture of valuable cotton and selected wood raw materials with EFC Certificate. Thanks to this, it has all the advantages of both. Ideal for watercolor, temperature, gouache, acrylic, ink, charcoal, wax, graphite, felt-tipped pens, drawing and multiple techniques.

It is acid-free and resistant to the influence of time, does not lose its properties or color and it is made in Italy with respect for human rights and care for environment. The paper and Pro Sketchbook Sketcher as well is Vegan Friendly. 

For Urban Sketching an Journaling

It working excellent with fountain pens and liners, and doing great with watercolors in the same time. Many artists loves it as the best paper for urban sketching and any kind of art journaling such bujo, travel art, archi sketching, concept art etc.

Improved stitches

We used strong and water resistant threads thank to this stitches not soaking by watercolor or other pigments and stay clean. Our sketchbooks as only one of the world are handmade with this innovative stitches.

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