ART 14x20cm Saunders Waterford 190g CP nat biały

To produkt dla zaawansowanych twórców, skeczystów i artystów oraz dla tych wszystkich którzy cenią jakość, którą daje 100% bawełniany papier najwyższej jakości. 

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Nebula Colors

Best Weight for Daily Sketching

200gsm 100% cotton paper is excellent for everyday use and works very well with liners, especially fountain pens. On this score, this particular paper is significantly better than its 300-grams alternative. Premium cotton paper is the perfect choice for watercolors because it brings out all its best qualities. It’s also suitable for gouache and pencil crayon drawings. 200gms pages are incredibly resistant, yet smooth and mellow. 


Only manual manufacturing enables to combine good design with the best quality materials. That’s why we make ART sketchbooks by hand. Developed original sewing method allows us to maintain the advantages of manual manufacture and at the same time produce sketchbooks in larger series while maintaining the desired parameters.

Art in motion

Sketchbook Art series is a perfect solution for all those who love making art on the go. Our Sketchbook is made for fans of Urban Sketching, Art Journaling, Travel Art, Bullet Journaling, Fashion Sketching and Archi Sketching. Thanks to the rigid and tough cover your art will be safe and damage resistant. Its size 14cmx20cm is easy to carry around yet not too small to capture all your ideas. Having that in mind, we made sure the sketchbook has enough pages. That’s why it consists of 68 pages therefore 68 chances for making great art.

Solid Rubber Not Integrated

These are all the advantages. Thick knitted rubber does not stretch or wear out as a result of use as traditional rubber ribbons. It perfectly protects the sketchbook from opening and also allows you to catch the sketchbook and other drawing tools together. After completing the sketchbook you can drop the rubber and place the sketchbook on a shelf. Rubber is not attached to the back cover, so that the cover is undamaged and the sketchbook retains its compact book style. The rubber fits the style of sketchbook cover.


Sizes: 14x20cm / 5.5x7.8in
Pages: 68
Cover: Hardbound, 3 color options
Paper weight: 190g/m2
Paper color: NATURAL WHITE
Paper surface: Cold Press (CP)
Paper brand: Saunders Waterford, 100% COTTON, acid free, archival quality,
Corners: Square
Watermarks: yes, oryginal Saunders watermarks- on first and last cover page only.

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