Podział szkicowników ze względu na rodzaj papieru.


  • 200 GSM

    These sketchbooks are significantly better than any 200gsm sketchbooks with ordinary cellulose paper. They are much stronger and more durable and can handle any technique. Because the 200gsm paper is slightly thinner, the sketchbook contains more pages for your artworks.

  • 300 GSM

    The thickest and heaviest paper we have bound in these books is the best choice for professional artists and anyone who needs the highest quality paper for their art. 100% Cotton 300gsm paper can handle any challenge.

  • 100% Cotton

    There is no better surface for watercolor and wet techniques than cotton paper made with traditional mould made method. There are only a few manufacturers of such specialized paper in the world. In Koval's sketchbooks you will find the best of these papers in various options. Both hot pressed and cold pressed and even rough. The combination of the best paper with our unique sewing and gluing methods make these sketchbooks the best for professional artists and for artists who need advanced tools. You will find cotton sketchbooks in several different sizes and with either 200gsm or 300gsm weight paper. This is the world's largest selection of sketchbooks for artists with cotton paper. Some sketchbooks have the original manufacturers' watermarks on the pages. The product description states exactly whether the watermarks are present and where. 

    Koval's cotton sketchbooks are sewn with water-resistant thread that does not absorb watercolor. This wonderful innovation is available only in our sketchbooks, and thanks to it you will keep your artworks more aesthetically pleasing. And thanks to the use of such a thread, sketchbooks are tightly stitched and bound, never falling apart even when you use a lot of washes. The PRO series sketchbooks include an extra loose sheet of paper that you can use to test the paper before you even use the sketchbook (so you can overcome the fear of an empty sketchbook if you suffer), or to make color swatches. 

  • 50% Cotton

    The 50% cotton paper combines the best features of cotton and cellulose pulp. The paper was, of course, produced to the highest environmental standards at the Fabriano factory, plus it is vegan friendly. 

    Such paper is sometimes better than 100% cotton. Mainly it depends on individual preference, but 50% cotton works great for gouache, but is also very good for watercolor and fountain pen.  These sketchbooks very multipurpose and are most often chosen for urban sketching, archi sketching or travel art. 

    It is available in several sizes and in a unique orientation - landscape. If you are looking for the best sketchbook for an artist for different techniques then here you will find it for sure. 

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PRO Arches A5 14x20...

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PRO Fabriano B5 17x25...

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PRO Saunders B5 17x25...

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PRO Arches 17x17...

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SKETCHILLA Saunders 25x25...

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